Individual Sessions

Tewkesbury Yoga teaches a Hatha style of yoga using a method that is known as `Viniyoga`, this is a very traditional practice with a strong emphasis on use of the breath. It`s a very mindful practice matching breath with movement and can be described as a slow practice in comparison to other styles.

This approach was taught by T Krishnamacharya and his son T.K.V Desikachar both names that are highly respected and revered in the yoga world. The word `Viniyoga` translates as `Appropriate Application` which indicates that care and consideration is taken to match the techniques to the individual student.

What`s Involved.

Individual tuition is aimed at developing your own personal practice designed to meet your needs and lifestyle. This is how Yoga was traditionally taught. Through regular meetings, I will work with you to design a bespoke practice that you can use on a daily basis at home. The contents of this routine may vary greatly between different clients, depending on their needs, interests, abilities and lifestyle. Typically, it will include a number of yoga exercises (asana) and some breathing exercises (pranayama). It may also include elements of relaxation, meditation and personal reflection, depending onen this opportunity maybe over looked in the faster styles. If you feel individual tuition is something that interests you then please click on the`Useful Information for 1:1 clients` button below for more information or please don`t hesitate to contact me so i can make contact and answer and queries you may have. 

At that start of each term we will focus on a particular theme and be introduced to the basis of a practice, we will then grow and develop the practice as the weeks go by allowing for development, interest, and experience to ripen. One size does not fit all in these classes, modifications and variations are actively encouraged to help develop or protect each student’s needs.

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