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Below you can find some useful links to books and other websites that you may find useful.



Heart of Yoga

This book is incredibly special to me, it was the first one that I ever bought after it was recommended by my class teacher. Upon reading I began to realise there was much more to Yoga than the postures and it tweaked my curiosity to begin to explore further… could do the same for you….enjoy.


Having begun my journey into Yoga and developing a regular home practice I wanted to know more about yoga’s roots and history. This book is a great biography and will be of great interest to all those that are interested in knowing the source of their tradition and practice.

Liberating Isolation

This is a very accessible translation and commentary on the Yoga Sutras, Frans Moors the author was a student of TKV Desikachar the son of Krishnamacharya who described Frans as a yogasadhaka, this glowing testimony made it a must have for me the traditional lineage is always something I’m drawn too.

Yoga for Body, Breath and Mind

Again I was drawn to this book as my journey with yoga continued and I became interested in teaching and therapy as a possible development. Mohan the author studied with Krishnamacharya so again I respected the lineage. I particular drawn to its focus on person centred therapy and how the sutras can become part of our every day practice.

Light on Yoga

No Yoga book collection would be complete without a copy of this book considered to be `The Bible of Modern Yoga`, Iyengar has been described as the world’s foremost Yoga Teacher. The photographs, over 600 of them are most impressive.


The Yoga Network Our purpose is to offer high quality authentic Yoga, accessible to all in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and the surrounding area or online.

Hornbeam Training & Wellbeing Hornbeam Training & Wellbeing specialise in workplace mental health. Through consultation, education, and mental health training, we support businesses to protect their most valuable asset … their people. 

Sadhana Mala, Exceptional Yoga teacher training, Yoga retreats and study programs

Yoga Matters All things Yogic! They have loads of great items from clothes and mats to candles books and blocks.

Yoga Mad One of the UK’s leading specialist in yoga equipment. They also have a wide range of other fitness equipment including Boxing, Pilates and Weightlifting.

Association for Yoga Studies The Association for Yoga Studies is a community of Yoga teachers and yoga students at all levels. Members share a common interest in the approach to yoga known as “Viniyoga”.  Teachers within this approach offer one-to-one teaching and/or therapy, group classes, workshops and retreats.

The Isbourne Centre Gloucestershire’s leading wellbeing charity since 1995. Offering classes, courses and workshops focusing on bettering your body, mind and spirit.

Dovecote Wellbeing Nutritional Therapist, Muscle Response Testing and Teacher of Mindfulness. Guiding you to restore and optimise health and wellbeing through changes to diet and lifestyle,  correcting nutritional deficiencies and other techniques taken from naturopathy and kinesiology.