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Tewkesbury Yoga teaches a Hatha style of yoga using a method that is known as `Viniyoga`, this is a very traditional practice with a strong emphasis on use of the breath. It`s a very mindful practice matching breath with movement and can be described as a slow practice in comparison to other styles.

This approach was taught by T Krishnamacharya and his son T.K.V Desikachar both names that are highly respected and revered in the yoga world.The word `Viniyoga` translates as `Appropriate Application` which indicates that care and consideration is taken to match the techniques to the individual student.

Within a group class setting some student could be working differently and independently to the rest of the group this could be because they are accessing the posture in a way that is suitable for their particular anatomical strengths or weaknesses – one size does not fit all in these classes, modifications and variations are actively encouraged to help develop or protect each student’s needs.

Viniyoga Classes uses a mixture of dynamic and static asana work giving the student an opportunity to experience the `Function and Feel` of a posture, time is taken to make sure students are accessing the posture in the correct way to avoid injury, often this opportunity maybe over looked in the faster styles.

At that start of each term we will focus on a particular theme and be introduced to the basis of a practice, we will then grow and develop the practice as the weeks go by allowing for development, interest, and experience to ripen.

There is a beginners courses at Rayshill Building in Northway if new to Yoga or have had a long break away  from your practice. The class starts at 7.15-8:30 pm. 

Each term runs for 6-8 weeks dependent and the dates for 2019 are as follows.

If you would like to book any of our group classes, please use the form below.

Session Number
Session Dates
8th/10th Sept - 12th/14th Feb
26th/28th Feb - 2nd /4th March
23rd/25th April - 28th /30th May
4th/6th June - 9th /11th July
6th/8th Aug - 10th/12th Sept (Term dates TBC)
Sept 19 onwards to be confirmed.
Term Time & Cost
6 weeks £51, Beginners £45
6 weeks £51, Beginners £45
5 weeks £45, Beginners £35
6 weeks £51 all classes

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